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Momentum’s technician is always willing to help and completed the job beyond our expectations and this isn’t the first time and isn’t outside of the norm for your guys. Really appreciate it. Thanks.

Oriel Chambers Tenant

The team responded to our urgent call within 24 hours and managed to get to the source of the problem to resolve the issue very quickly. We found the guys helpful, knowledgeable and very pleasant to deal with.

Princes Building Resident

Your technician stepped in today and helped us out massively with three jobs - getting rid of the water, understanding where the water is coming in and also the lock on the side door which would have been further delayed if it hadn’t been for your technician being on site.  It has been a huge help to us – thank you.

Momentum Handyman Client

Momentum Handyman are really quick to respond and they complete jobs quickly and efficiently

Sam - Oriel Chambers Tenant